"Be the change you wish to see in the world" - Gandhi

Updates From Uganda July 2016:

Going to Uganda was the single best experience I have had thus far in my life. The joy in 50 children's eyes field my passion to change the world even more. I will have a testimonial video soon going to into detail of how this trip was 100% sent from God. I am also working on a short visual of all I captured there! Thank you so much to the supporters who have donated or purchased a Shalom Band. Remember a little does a lot in the eyes of Our Heavenly Father. If your heart desires to feel this experience and to soon go, I will be taking a team next year. Contact through email for more information! Hope these pictures bring joy and Love to your hearts and souls! Be well Beautiful people! 


In this trip, I allowed God to lead me into whatever He desired I should do. I am no longer working with previous directors I met last year that led Malta's Children Centre. They have discontinued their work with the children. I worked with an orphanage 15 minutes away from the kids I worked with last year. When I went to visit the kids, the director of the school and pastor of the church asked for my help in raising funds for school fees. I prayed about it and the Lord allowed me to obtain 51 sponsors for all 51 children. They are now under Love Exchange United. I have decided to carry on sponsorship for the children for terms to come. The Lord provided very quickly for these children so it was evident for me to keep this going for them. I also raised a great amount of donations. I was able to get them all new school shoes, socks, clothes, food for their families, lots of candy and nice meals, new backpacks, lots of school supplies, and other things all thanks to the many donors. Snapchat, Instagram, and just being able to connect to back home in the midst of my trip helped all the willing donors see where everything was going to. Some sponsors even were able to FaceTime the children.  I plan to go back in December to bring iPhones for them to keep and update me on with convenience and teach them how to use it. I will also get updates on the children so that I can send it to the sponsors. Thank you to all those who have played a part in making this all come together so well!


I was able to take along two wonderful people with me to Uganda. Nathaneal served with recording music with the children. They recorded over 20 songs with his production system. He was also able to donate a guitar and fix the drums for the church. He did community outreach with church members in his free time throughout the village. Mariah came along the trip right after her college graduation. She did arts and crafts with the children and met the needs of individual children. She also was able to meet the child she had been sponsoring through Love Exchange Sponsorship Program. They both served in a way that they were also touched. Love Exchange was able to add 25 children to the Sponsorship Program, totaling 71. There condition of sleep was to be found in harsh conditions, so around $1,100 for all the 71 children to have a foam mattress to sleep on. We also funded parties, had many meeting meals, new clothes, and hygiene products. Also, in this last year 10% of the school fees funded by Love Exchange Sponsors have went to reconstructing and expanding the school building! It was a wonderful long trip of connecting and learning.