Love Exchange United

Exchange Love.

In all areas of life we find ways to exchange love and bring unity amongst all individuals of the world so each one is affected not only by works, but by Grace and Love.


Our Mission

Love Exchange United is a movement of exchanging love and unifying with purpose. We are based in a small village outside of Kamuli, Uganda. Through a sponsorship program, 71 children are able to go to school with fees covered. Sponsors get updates on their children’s academics and well-being making it a beautiful exchange of love. Love Exchange plans to expand in different nations with different ways of exchanging love.

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Our Impact

We have been working mostly with Uganda for 3 years providing needs to families and children in remote villages. Through social media we have raised thousands of dollars for school building projects, toiletries for the children, school fees, food, clothings, mattresses, and more. We plan to remodel and expand the school and continue to nurture the children that are in the sponsorship program.


thousand Dollars Raised

The donations have funded children in school, met their hygiene needs, helped towards the expansion of the school, given food and supplies to community.



Years Serving communities

Uganda has been the base, but we plan on reaching Vietnam and Cambodia and doing more in the United States.



hundred children Impacted

We are a small organization that plans to take it from hundreds of children to thousands.


Ve’Neesha, Founder

Whatever is consistent will turn into a natural habit, whether good or bad, so always choose good consistency. You don't have to change over night, but consistent progression is truly how you conquer each day of your life.


Get Involved

Love Exchange is all about building teams with a unifying purpose. As humans we are made to help each other in a variety of ways. Be apart of making a difference, both in you and others. It’s important that we help ourselves, so we can help others.

Volunteer opportunities

Interested in reaching Uganda? Want to help in your own community? Learn more about our upcoming projects!


Make a Donation

100% of donations are funneled directly to the support of our funded ministries and projects.